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These days I’ve been tracking and monitoring my Stats as much as possible, as if I’m leveling a character in a video game. Here’s some inspiration and a peek into my madness:


“Lose It” App + EtikCity Scale

The scale tracks my weight and all those other stats, it cost $25 + tax on Amazon. (Not sponsored by any of these products, this is just what I use). My goal is to get down to 190-200 lbs by April 2020; I’m 6’2 in case anyone cares.

Tracking the fuel that goes into my body and monitoring the nutrients has allowed me to find an easy diet. I’ve noticed an increase in my productivity, mood, and overall well-being. Healthy body = Healthy mind (sometimes).

The second thing is my expenses/finances. I’m not sharing pictures and I’ll leave out name-dropping apps..but there are tons of them out there. They allow you to track your spending, set up budgets and goals (all free), linked to your bank to monitor spending.

Productivity. On IOS it’s Settings > Screen time

I set up limits for programs that were eating away time and since I started using this app, I’ve already managed to reduce my usage. Unfortunately my job requires me to use my phone, so I can’t completely or ever turn it off. Which is where vacations will come in handy. As someone part of the tech world now, automated society, working from home etc etc.

Burning Man, once a year. Or some equivalent that forces a person to be without cell service for a prolonged amount of time. Unplug mother fuckers, whenever we can.

My next goal for productivity is to monitor my Reading and Writing time each day. Mostly my Writing. I need to log a good amount of hours each day and build the habit necessary to start completing some Prose.

Anyways, wanted to share my stats and levels. Let people know what I’m actively doing to combat against our Instant-Gratification culture and also show that technology can be a very handy tool. It’s not only a negative.

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Jane has a problem. She can’t handle temptation. If she sees a sweet treat, she will indulge. She’s unhealthy, gaining weight and now she has diabetes.

Jane’s mother is frustrated. She blames the stores for putting the candy in the checkout aisle. She blames the TV for advertising those tasty morsels. Jane’s mother blames everyone and everything, but Jane.

Jane’s mother is helpless, she doesn’t know what to do. So she goes to the mayor, she speaks and she demands that we ban those tasty treats.

The tasty treats are banned and now they will no longer be in the checkout aisles, nor will they be in the commercials or television programs. Jobs are lost. Other citizens who were responsible are no longer allowed to enjoy those tasty treats. And Jane isn’t cured nor is she saved.

Before long, Jane finds a new addiction, something else that is once again in those commercials, and in the checkout aisles of the grocery. Jane’s mother once again blames everything else, but her daughter. Zero accountability for Jane nor her mother, it’s the world’s fault.

Jane’s mother demands that we not only ban this new thing, but she now demands that we stop placing anything in the checkout aisle without consulting the board. In fact she ask for the government to regulate all the aisles and she ask the government to control and regulate what is being broadcasted on television.

I could keep this going, but I think we get the point. This is how I feel every time I see people crying to the government and asking them to get involved and limit and control, prohibit things.

Yes the public has a right to be informed of the dangers and risk involved, but it should be the individuals decision on what they wish to indulge in. Our body, our choice?

Some people can’t handle their liquor, this doesn’t mean it should be taken from everyone else. Some people can’t handle technology, this doesn’t mean it should be taken from everyone else.

Some people can’t handle violence, swearing, nudity, and the list goes on..Is it really fair to pretend these things don’t exist, to prohibit them, and then just pray they will magically go away?

The issue is accountability. The issue is education. People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop crying to the government. Stop asking the government to get involved and take things away. Period.

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Updated: Dec 24, 2019



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