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Healthcare Affordable to All

It's a common misconception that only the "wealthy" can afford to eat healthy and there is much profiteering involved in encouraging this belief:

1. Healthy foods seem to be priced higher in the short-term (if not directly in cost, certainly in preparation time, going to store, etc. and time = money), but no one is attaching the medical bills and related cost to the long-term effects of the garbage people consume. I have a feeling if we honestly priced the junk that cost cheaper in the short-term, people would understand they can't afford the hidden fees.

2. Not everything organic is labeled "organic," so when it comes to choosing one vegetable over another, feel free to save the change by not being fooled with branding and labels. Besides any raw vegetable will be better than a bag of processed garbage, regardless if one is called "organic" or not.

3. The brand or label that matters most, if at all, is local and they don't have to put a sticker on the product or hike up their prices. Simply go to a local farmer's market, grow your own, or make friends with someone who does. The price of these products is competitive with the stores and the only extra cost is time.

4. People profit from selling nutritional plans and doing the heavy lifting of building a diet. But like anything else, there are tons of free resources available all over the internet and in books. A simple google search can tell a person the recommended amount of nutrients and calories required per day and there are tons of apps to track these things - not to mention almost every product these days is properly labeled.

5. People profit from selling gym memberships and equipment, when there are tons of free resources online for exercise, as well as out in the real world. Walk, stretch, run, do pushups and situps. Watch youutube videos for exercises, yoga, etc. Everyone carries a smartphone with internet these days, even some of the homeless don't give me any crap about who is limited to all this free information.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore anyone further. Eventually I'll post my own diet, which is well priced (in terms of short-term cost, as well as time, with a focus on long-term cost).

I'm pretty cheap and lazy when it comes to food, so I'm driven to make dieting and eating healthy as cheap and lazy as possible. But somethings do require a little of time and it's important to make that time. We can't afford not to.

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