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Netflix & Panic

In honor of COVID-19 here's a list of Pandemic films & Shaun of the Dead (for humor purposes). Contagion is considered the most scientifically accurate (for a film/fiction). Outbreak is one of the OGs, but it's definitely got some great examples of what not to do / how not to handle the situation. Speaking of WHAT NOT TO DO.. The Crazies is a great one to remind us that sometimes the biggest threat is really the damn people.. 28 Days Later too. Last but not least we have The Stand. I much rather prefer the book, but this was the highest rated version of the show. HOPEFULLY the show covers some of the cool politics and stuff about them rebuilding society after a Pandemic (that was my favorite part about Stephen King's The Stand). WHERE TO WATCH: Outbreak is on Netflix (US Region) | Contagion is available for Max & Cinemax Subs otherwise rent from any streaming service | The Stand is available on VUDU | The Crazies is available via DirectTV or there are AD versions free for Roku people | Shaun of the Dead is available for STARZ subs, or rent | 28 Days Later is available on HULU & STARZ So for this weekend curl up with a friend, stay safe and enjoy this segment aptly named Netflix & Panic. Oh yeah.. And since today is Friday the 13th, feel free to give Vorhees some love.

Happy Friday the 13th! (and stop hoarding toilet paper)

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