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2020 Oscar Predictions with Nerd Cantina

"Goooood Day Nerds." Ken & Steve the two brother's behind the Nerd Cantina Podcast were kind enough to allow me to come onto their show and participate in our own Oscar picks in anticipation of this upcoming Sunday's Oscars on February 9, 2020, 5:00 PM PST.

2019 was an excellent year for films..It was the closing of a decade, but it felt like a crescendo of the last century. If I had to sum up this years Oscars in one word, that word would be “historical.” We went through WW1 (1917) to WW2 (Jojo). We saw the 1950’s through the 1970’s (The Irishman). Then we hung out in the Golden Age of Hollywood (Once Upon a Time..) and ended up in the #MeToo movement of 2016 (Bombshell).

We had films by 2 well known Giants (Tarantino & Scorsese), and an overseas giant, who grew up studying their films (Bong Joon Ho). Speaking of which, the first time a South Korean has ever been nominated for Best Director and first time a South Korean film has ever been nominated for Best Picture. Scarlett Johanasson received 2 nominations this year, being only 1 of 12 ever (since 1938) to receive the honor. This could be her first Oscar.. Historical for her. This could be the year Brad and Joaquin win their first Oscars as actors. Historical for them. Al Pacino & Deniro in a Scorsese flick for the first time ever, with Joe Pesci coming out of retirement to join in on the fun..

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