Eminem: Behind the Cape

It's ironic how the biggest criticisms revolving around Eminem is the content of his lyrics. The same critics who feign offense have shown complete disregard for the lyrics and messages behind other non-eminem radio hits. Songs such as Foster the People's - Pumped Up Kicks(a track with lyrics that tell people they better run while being mowed down by a school shooter) or Baha Men - Who Let the Dog's Out (a track with lyrics that are asking "who let the ugly girls into the club"). So why are these tracks OK, but suddenly we have problems with Eminen's lyrics? I mean both of those other songs make appearances in Disney, Kids Bop, and ultimately are considered great songs for children.. Love or hate Em, we cannot disregard that he has full awareness and intent. Everything is done with purpose and follows a trend while maintaining his brand. He has been pretty consistent with these things since 1999's Slim Shady LP and there are certain notes the man is bound to hit: 1. Talk about rough past and issues with family ; 2. Address the white elephant in the room ; 3. Remind people of his success and dedication ; 4. Provoke and Poke, Namedrop galore ; 5. Touch on politics/topical events ; 6. Relation Shits ; 7. Humor, Dark & Corny to borderline Dad Jokes. etc. And when he goes off brand (Revival), suddenly it's a flop and not appreciated. And for those who say he hasn't shown growth: The word "fag" is pretty much nonexistent in his later works. "Retard" is reserved for his fans, in an almost endearing way (if it at all shows up). Despite murdering women and calling them bitches being a very much consistent trend since the establishment of his brand, he's truly lightened up on the whole thing. He even switched up the roles and had a woman burying him in Kamikaze's song/video for "Good Guy ft. Jessie Reyez" Sure Kim and his mother still come up, but he's grown in the way he handles maintaining that theme and brand. Lately he's focused more on his dad and his most recent track goes after a step father. I admit, I've grown out of this stage (I'm 31 years old), but there are fans who still relate to and love it. It's not for everyone, but he has cornered a market and audience for certain things and he has to maintain his brand. Sure we can argue that it would be nice if he tried to have a more positive and uplifting message. In a sense, Darkness tried to do just that and the critics are railing it. But at least the fans are appreciating it and I even saw one survivor from the Las Vegas Shooting praising the track. But I'm not here to defend him, I'm more interested in making it clear that he knows what he is doing. He has purposeful intent in everything he's been releasing as of late and it's well thought out and constructed.

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