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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Oscars are upon us, so I made sure to knock out Oscar nominated films I enjoyed while revisiting my favorites (Parasite & Joker) as they're now on digital. I went to the theater A LOT this month, as there was a film festival in town & also my local theater is replaying older films (Exorcist & Fight Club). Well lets get to it shall we.. THEATRICAL RELEASE (The Big Screen/Cinema)

The Gentlemen should be viewed ASAP as we need to vote with our tickets and let Hollywood know that we enjoy Original Guy Ritchie films and his return to Crime Fiction. Jojo Rabbit, Knives Out, Ford v Ferarri, and Bombshell are up for Oscars. I would recommend Ford above all, but Jojo and Knives were personal favorites. Jojo felt very Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom with a Taika twist on Hitler Youth. Knives Out was an inventive and creative turn on the whole 'whodunit' Mystery Murder game. Ford v Ferarri was my favorite car movie since 2013's film Rush. Fight Club & Exorcist have been out forever, these were replay screenings..if you ever get a chance to view The Exorcist in theaters, do it. DIGITAL STREAMS (TV/FILM)

Mr Robot had it's series finale. One Punch Man returned for Season 2, to huge disappointment for bitter fans over the change of studio/production quality. I was mostly upset with how short and unresolved the story was. HBO's The Outside has just begun and so has Curb Your Enthusiasm. WATCH. (The Outsider is an adaptation of a Stephen King story, need I say more)? Oscar Nominations for Parasite, Joker, Marriage Story, and Two Popes. Parasite & Joker are now purchasable via streaming, these are my TOP 2 films of 2019. Marriage Story and Two Popes are both on Netflix for free. Marriage Story was my favorite of those two, but Two Popes wasn't a bad film. Biggest Oscar film for me was Parasite by Bong Joon Ho. So naturally I revisited his earlier work Memories of Murder and I went and saw him receive the Director Award at the SBIFF.


Farmhand will be adapted to AMC, I am currently reading it as new issues come out. Issue #13 comes out this month? Locke & Key is a completed Graphic Novel that is coming to Netflix next month as a series. It was just announced that Seth & Evan are bringing Memetic to the screen with Lionsgate Entertainment. Promethea, Writing for Comics, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are works from Alan Moore, who's now officially a big part of my diet and up there with Stephen King. Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's original and Junji Ito's adaptation. Please read Frankenstein, it is an incredible book. Junji Ito is one of my favorite Manga (Japanese Comic) writers. Look forward to more each month. Fight Club is Fight Club. The Graphic Novel version was disappointing, I think the story was best left as a one and done type of thing. Kafka is well, a maniac who deeply touches my dark heart. Not included, but part of my monthly comic pull are: Dying is Easy and Basketful of Heads (Joe Hill). LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. Blackhawk Volume 2 was an awesome book that I was fortunate to have a story in. It's available on Amazon and if I can recommend any story besides all of them and my own of course, please read Michelle's Awake. She introduced some new mechanics and a new approach to this Twilight Zone of horror which operated on mostly a Supernatural level.


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