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Taking Back Time

I feel for those who fight their alarms each morning. The day hasn't even started and already they're tired, drained, and struggling against time. Each groggy pressing of the snooze is an uphill battle, a futile attempt, to conquer time and gain more sleep. First thing in the morning, and the day hasn't even started and already succumbing to defeat. Once out of bed, everything must be done in a hurry. The rush begins before the road and well before a single footstep into the workplace. The rat race exist inside the home and it greets these unfortunate souls each and every morning. Nothing taste good and there's "no time" for a healthy breakfast. The sugar and corn syrup seems gratifying in the moment, but they offer a debt that will be collected in the form of an afternoon crash. The shitty coffee, moldy beans and bitter brews. Who has time to "cook" their coffee, who has time to cook anything? Everything must be instant and easy, anything to save time, to give these people more time. No one is telling these people that the low upfront cost is deceptive and everyone ignores the long-term effects of living this way. And why not? Most people feel as though they don't have a choice. It's a luxury to eat healthy, to cook, to take time. "We cannot afford time, we need more time." ... It's an endless cycle. A never-ending battle. Excuse after excuse, justification after justification. Yes, those who work a 9-5 have to put in more effort and work then those who work on their own schedules or from home. They have to go to bed earlier, rise earlier, prep their meals and do other things..Work twice as hard to be healthier. So is it worth it? I don't know.. I've lived both ways and I hope to never go back. Good luck.

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