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What is "it"

There are people that have don't have "it" yet they relentlessly try, push and never quit. There are people who have "it" but they're unable to put in the work, or believe in themselves, and they are always ready to quit.

Then there are those who have "it" work hard, and never get a chance in hell because the right eyes aren't on them, while there are tons of people without "it" but know the right people, have the right connections and timing or just simply money and they are polluting the stream of what "it" really is.

But you can't let any of this matter or affect what you're doing, because it's all an excuse and a lie, and it's never been about what you don't have, or do, and it shouldn't matter how many or how few validate and appreciate "it" because the best ones and the lucky one never have to live with the mistake of knowing how great others think they are..

Because the very few who know this and are still able to continually produce, without "it" affecting them them, are very far and very few between.

They are practically mythical creatures..and thanks to today's world, you never truly know who is doing what, because there are those who have "it" and those who buy "it" and those who put their name on "it" convincing everyone that they are "it." While doesn't really matter..there is no "it" and all of this is again just an excuse, a lie, a reason to justify why or why not.

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