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There once was a hardworking plumber. A workaholic, devoted to his family. He was not only eager to make ends meet, but madly driven to keep his princess happy.

Until his routine was disrupted...

See on more than one occasion this poor plumber bumped his head. For he was always working in tight spaces, in and around pipes of all sizes and his only form of "protection," was a blue and red baseball cap.

Some will blame the mushrooms he constantly ate and others will point to the endless concussions he acquired. But his true unhinging began when he lost his princess.

For in his mind, this plumber began to travel. He traversed through pipes to new worlds and battled prehistoric monsters. He was still working for his princess, it was all in the name of the princess.

But everywhere he went, she was nowhere to be found. In place of her there was always a note. And the message was always the same, the same as the one he had discovered the first time she had left.

"Our princess is in another castle."

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